Little Grey House

by Kim June Johnson

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“…this alt-folk outing [is] tailor-made for rainy Sundays or late-September campfires.

What keeps McMechan out of the coffee-house ghetto are the album’s little touches. She’s not afraid to augment her understated acoustic playing with soft-focus accordion and warm electric guitar, and she avoids easy rhymes in favour of narrative lyrics such as “He said sometimes he sees himself in dreams running down the highway.

Best of all, unlike 90 percent of folk-oriented grrrls with guitars, she doesn’t sound like a poor woman’s Jewel. As with Kimya Dawson, Fiona Apple, and Ani DiFranco, there’s something about McMechan’s voice that’s powerfully unique, and she uses it to maximum effect on songs like the fragile ‘Half-Way Through Me’.”
-Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight (Vancouver)


released January 1, 2006

Kim McMechan: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, 1/2 of a huge accordion
Michael Peters: electric guitar, backing vocals, the other 1/2 of the accordion
Richard St. Onge: cello



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Kim June Johnson

Kim June Johnson (previously Kim McMechan) is an award-winning singer & songwriter and poet who performs with an ever- changing line-up of musicians. Her third solo album, Canvas & Clay, is scheduled for release in the May 2014 and was produced by Marc Atkinson (the Bills). She currently splits her time between Kelowna BC and Hornby Island on the West coast of Canada. ... more

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Track Name: Leaves Turn
There is a sky so wide and blue up there
It's blinding and I swear
it makes the day feel so unsure
I don't know how I thought that I could leave
I think I just believed
the world would somehow right itself in time again

When the leaves turn I get so sad inside,
an ocean gaping wide
I'm stranded and my ship is sinking
Don't know how I'll ever find the shore
Wait a little more or try a little harder than I was before

I lost my way forgot the road to take
All that's left to say hangs suspended in the air
On windy days I feel a little sad,
think of what we had
And wonder if I'll ever get back home again

I'll be okay. I think I'll be just fine.
I think I just need time
to sit and watch the leaves turn gold outside my window
Track Name: Leah
Face pressed up close to the glass
Wondering how the birds take flight
and where the sun will go at night
Face pressed up close to the glass
Breathing small circles of breath
and counting all the pieces left

Dreaming of somewhere far away
where things get born and never feel lonely
Dreaming of one day going there
'Cuz here
You gotta keep too many things inside
You gotta keep too many things inside

Breathing in shallow breaths
Feeling gentle heartbeats
and crawling underneath the sheets
Summertime, still light outside
can't seem to penetrate
all the dark that's wanting to escape

What are those birds called that cannot live in captivity?
Something wanting to stay alive
So she's keeping all these things inside.
Track Name: I've Been Thinking
I've been thinking about the sky up there
Pretending I'm not aware
of the little pieces falling.
I've been thinking about the birds today
A million miles away
And I'm small here in my chair.

I've been thinking about the world spinnin' round,
my two feet on the ground
in my house with four blue walls.

I've been thinking that I should grow my hair
and fly away from here
while it trails out in the wind behind me.

I've been thinking 'bout how the seasons change.
It seems a little strange
but I think I'm tired of waiting.
I've been thinking that I'd like to have you near,
not a million miles from here.
We could go up the street for ice cream.
Track Name: Winter Lullaby
Watch over me.
Don’t let the dark touch too close.
Let me fall asleep tonight to the sound of you breathing.
Tell me about when you were young.
Tell me about that place we’ll go
when all the snow is gone
and the sun comes out.

Watch over me.
Flatten the spaces where the cold climbs in.
and I will fall asleep tonight to the sound of the wind.
Tell me about when you were young.
Tell me about that place we’ll go
when all the snow is gone
and the sun comes out.